Chuyện Của Trang Tập 98: Sợ Chồng Còn Vương Tình Cũ Gái Xinh Giả Vờ Mang Thai Giữ Chồng Và Cái Kết

Cuộc sống là bức tranh do chính ta vẽ nên, nhuốm màu u ám hay rực rỡ đều do ta lựa chọn
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  1. Didn't like this story at all I want to see Happy endings with Hoang and Trang together ❤ My Favorite Couple. Do a loving story like this with Hoang and Trang where Hoang is telling Trang how much he loves her. Thank you HamTv.

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  2. Wow, omg this was a real tear jerker. I kept expecting Thu to have evil intent but she didn't. She really loved him. Great acting on all their parts. I'm glad to see Ham TV with new and different story lines.

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  3. I guess we will not see hoang snd trang together anytime soon. I'm getting sick of hoang and thu. Why dont you just have those 2 if trang doesnt want to bother.

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  4. Yes, the child has no mistake. But I cannot say that Thu is evil. It is easy to judge. I like that Hoang took the responsibility as a father to Bia and Mrs. An as well. I would say that Thu is desperate, not evil or selfish. It is really hard to know that you have a disease which prevents you to have kids and to know that your husband impregnated his ex. It would be a big shock. Imagine that. I would like to say that you shouldn't judge so quickly. If I were Thu, I would tell Mrs. An "It is good to take responsibility for the kid, but put yourself in my shoes. Firstly, I am infertile and secondly, my husband has a child with his ex. I think it's too much for me. I am a human just like all of you. I feel like I don't belong here, so let me go, please." At least, Trang is a saint here, because she didn't judge Thu. She wanted her child to be accepted. So, I can say that here both Trang and Thu want to send the message "Don't make assumptions for anyone because you don't know what someone is going through."

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  5. Em thích nhất là anh Hàng và chị Trang hơn em chúc anh chị sống thật hạnh phúc và nhiều may mắn trong cuộc sống của anh chị

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  6. A mother's love ❤️ for her son…
    A woman who has terminal illness wants her son to be loved and nutured… she wants the best for her son…
    A very good story.

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