+ Horizon Zero Dawn PC + 3 Quick Fixes to Improve Performance + Fix FPS Drops & Microstutters +

In this PC DOC video I will show you how to fix easily some of the most annoying framerate drops, stutters, lag and other performance issues in the latest PC port from the PS4, Horizon Zero Dawn. Obviously we all hope that a patch or driver update will solve the issues in the medium and long term.

1) Driver Hotfix

2) Turn Down Render Scale

3) RTSS – limite framerate to 60 FPS


+++ This video is not suited for children +++

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DISCLAIMER: Game copy received for free for review purposes.

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  1. its baffling that sekiro which was more recent plays high with good fps on mid level pcs than HZD which is older and not that different than far cry primal which was also playable with good fps. even far cry 5 was playable.

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  2. ok so you telling me to lower my graphic setting and update drivers?! And this is already 2/3 "Quick Fixes". What the third one, limit my fps or something? 😀

    Tnx for trashing google results with your video, very helpful.

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  3. What I did was remove affinity from the last 2 processors on task manager … I don't know how but it fixed most of the stuttering for me, even in the settlements. I'm on a 6 core CPU so it was processors 11 and 10

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  4. These are not specialised tweaks. These are some general steps. Limiting FPS? Increasing/Changing virtual memory? Updating drivers? These are tweaks? Are you kidding?

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  5. Is this really that bad of a port cuz my 1070 8gb is having frame drops on original settings I mostly get 60 but some areas have horrible drops when looking at a certain angle

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  6. I'm running a 6700k and a 1080. My setup chews through most AAA games with zero issues at 1080p. Horizon has given me such a dumb amount of issues it's not even funny. Stuttering, crashing regularly. I actually can't believe they put the game out with so many issues being it's Sonys first big AAA they've published on Steam. Really hope they do what they need to do to fix the problems and then learn to never do that again with any future launches. Phenominal game, horrible port.

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  7. While raining , how much fps u guys get? My rig (gtx 1660, 16gb ram ,R5 3600x) my fps drops to 40-42 in high medium setting while raining. In sunny and other weather conditions I get 58-60fps

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  8. Thanks for the video. For some reason, RTSS doesn't show the FPS in my game. I compared my settings with yours and everything is the same. Except mine is 7.2.3. Should I download the beta version? Or do you have any other suggestions?

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  9. Great thanks, virtual memory solved my constant crashing but… gamers shouldn't be doing "this much work" just to get something they paid to work. This should be the dev's job. GG better release a patch that works soon. The game run's really poorly, a stark contrast to "Death Stranding" which runs on the same engine; a real shame considering it was GG that made the Decima engine.

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  10. Another fix that could help: increase your virtual memory to over 25 GB. –> Click Start > Settings > Control Panel. Double-click the System icon. In the System Properties dialog box, click the Advanced tab and click Performance Options. In the Performance Options dialog, under Virtual memory, click Change

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  11. no giveaway huh ok but i want other games too like resident evil 3 sekiro these games are not bad but i want you to giveaway any of these for a months

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  12. Unfortunately until GG deploy a patch (not before next Wednesday) there's no fixes for constant random crashes due to mem leak that only GG can fix.

    But if you only have performance issues this video can help ^^

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